“In the Beginning”

A figurative abstract indicative of new beginnings. BENIGN SAMUEL’s first ever painting; first exhibited at Creative Bloc’s 2016 “Equinox” exhibition. The Northern Hemisphere’s March, spring “vernal” equinox, marking the time the Sun crosses the celestial equator, and its resultant equinox—from the Latin, equal night—where day and night are nearly the equivalent length of 12 hours, the world over, is traditionally a time of birth, and rebirth, equating new beginnings. The warm red, yellow, and orange tones representative of a fiery creation, synonymous with pain, turmoil, struggle, and ultimate victory; the volcanic mountains, beauty forged out of a fiery existence; the concept of “no pain; no gain” in visual form. …, —

10 x 7 inches (25.4 x 17.8 cm)


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